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Co-Ed Student-Athletes entering 6th-12th grades in 2023!

Full Season runs from July - October

Practice, Adventure Activities, Local Dirt "Scrimmages",

Racing, Teen Trail Corp, Bike Advocacy,

GRiT Program and more.

Racing is optional, having fun is NOT!


NICA/PICL Season Registration is $220.00 upon sign-up.

 *Optional Add-On for 6 Race & Adventure package will be $100.00 by August

or, Build Your Own Race/Adventure Package $45.00 each

Inferno Team Registration is $125.00, and due *July 13th

Mountain Bike Leasing available through the Inferno teams $200.00 deposit

 $125.00 refund at the end of the season with return of the bike.

Team Registration is closes July for 2023


Our Story

In 2020, the original Phoenixville Inferno Youth Mountain Bike Team Composite was founded: "PXV MTB".

The Composite team included student-athletes 

from the Phoenixville and Methacton Area School Districts.

"Composite Team" refers to athletes living within a school district, who may not necessarily attend its corresponding high school. They can attend a private school or a home-school program not associated with the area school district.

"Why Methacton too?"

While the founding coaches lived in Phoenixville, the majority of practices would take place in the Methacton Area School District footprint. It was an opportunity to get more kids on bikes who lived in Methacton a.s.d. and it worked!

Once an area school district footprint registers

more than 5 high school aged athletes, a High School Team within that district must be formed.

Hence; in 2021 the Phoenixville Inferno High School team

was created.

Now there were two, separately scoring teams under the Inferno Umbrella. Practice still occurred together. 


Athletes were telling their friends all about Inferno Youth MTB team, the culture, the PICL race weekends, the friendships and the memories being made!

With growth comes change.

In 2022, PXV MTB  was granted permission to create a new composite team to serve the families and their children from the Perkiomen Valley, Methacton, and Norristown

area school districts;

Inferno East Composite was created.

The experienced parent-coaches volunteers who assisted

in the Phoenixville Composite and High School teams, who also lived in the new composite footprint,

took on new roles as the composite team leaders!


The love and passion of youth mountain bike opportunities

continues to spread like fire!

With the official PICL season starting just days away,

2023 has the potential to see even more growth!

Stay tuned as we may see some changes still.


More Kids On Bikes 501 c3 has had the privilege to sponsor several separate scoring mountain bike teams in the area:

Phoenixville Inferno High School Team

Phoenixville Inferno Composite Team

Inferno East Composite Team

Perkiomen Inferno High School Team

M.K.O.B. is dedicated to getting more people on bikes!


 As of March 2023,

Co-Ed Youth Mountain Bike Teams of  Student-Athletes

Entering 6th Through 12th Grades in Fall of 2023 from the

Phoenixville, Methacton, Perkiomen Valley, Norristown, Souderton,

      and North Penn Area School Districts. 

(Some footprints and teams may be subject to change.

Please bare with us.)

PXV MTB Operates under the NICA  (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) in the

PICL (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League). Please explore these websites for additional information.

Student-Athletes do not need to have any "Mountain Biking" experience to join the team. But they must be able to ride a bike.

Our Coaches are highly trained and national licensed. We also have several B.I.C.P. trained coaches and professional coaches.

Many of our coaches also race on separate mountain bike teams such as Forge MTB and Sturdy Girl MTB.

Most of our coaches are parent-coach volunteers! Interested in riding with Inferno and becoming a coach? GREAT! The more coaches the more fun we have! Contact

Student-Athletes participate in several scheduled practices a week including once on the weekend.

They can also participate in races! (OPTIONAL, but highly encouraged!)

   Most Importantly: There are NO BENCHWARMERS on mtb teams,  Everybody  Rides:)

Scholarships and Financial Aid is availability to join the league and the team.


*Also limited seasonal bike leases are available along with safety equipment

like helmets, bike lights, tools and spare tubes.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to get more kids on bikes!

Interested in joining the Inferno MTB Team?
Fill out this FORM


We at Phoenixville "Inferno" in partnership with More Kids On Bikes 501 (c)(3) believe mountain biking is more than just a recreational activity, or a hobby. It's a sport that brings people together! Whether the individual or the team, mountain biking helps build self-confidence, teaches perseverance, develops and nurtures the value of personal goal-setting, strengthens leadership skills, and highlights the importance of understanding team building dynamics.

Our mountain bike communities also focus on educating our riders on the importance of proper trail riding etiquette, natural resource stewardship, and service opportunities (like trail maintenance, coaching).
We pride ourselves on reinforcing bike safety measures, providing group riding opportunities and local partnerships.

We are a community of inclusion. Mountain biking (no matter how cold it is outside) is a place of warmth and welcome to all!


   We strive to be a space for all with an emphasis on equity, equality, safety, access and community. with questions.




Team Time

The 2020 weekend
Adventure Race at Raystown!


Coaches at the Ready

Speeding through the singletrack at Gettysburg! 2020

A little elbow grease and know-how and we're back on the trails in no time. 

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