Student Athlete Practice Checklist:

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  • Functioning Mountain Bike, checked by a mechanic.
    *Front Suspension Mountain Bike with preferably 26", 27.5, or 29" Tires (proper fitting based on student-athlete height and build) (No "Rigid" bikes)   *24" tires acceptable.


  • Bike Helmet *adjustable, undamaged and properly fitted.

  • Clothing appropriate for the ride

  • Water

    *Hydration Pack (CamelPacks or Hip Bags.) OR At least 2 Water Bottles attached         to bike.
     *Check your bike and make sure it has a Bottle Cage or mounting for a Bottle                 Cage

  • Food. (Gel packs are small and light) Granola Bars, fruit etc.

  • Waterproof Jacket (Spare/disposable compact jacket fits in back pack. )

  • Medications to be self-administered per medical needs.

    *Ex. Epi-Pen, Inhaler, Insulin, etc.

  • Tube (check it a few times a season)

    *Two Tubes are ideal. Be sure to get the correct tube sizes/make for your tires. Ask a coach or a bike shop for clarity.

  • Mini-pump

    *Presta or Shraeder Valve. Know which tire valve your bike     
     has.  Ask your Bike Shop or your team Coach for help if you don’t know. We are here for you!
     and/or CO2 Cartridges- 

  • Tire lever(s)

  • Multi-Tool with chain breaker - or individual tools

  • Patch kit

  • Blinking red light if commuting to or from practice


  • Night Light for low-light practices Least 500 Lumens (900 is ideal) ( (Some Lights Come In Combo Packs!) handle Bar and/or helmet light.


  • Closed Toe-Shoes and Extra Socks

  • A Hydration/BackPack is HIGHLY recommended to carry all of the necessary equipment.


Good Ideas J.I.C.:


  • Eyewear Protection


  • Sunblock


  • Riding Gloves 1/2 or Full Finger Gloves (summer and fall riding)


  • Bug/Tick Repellent


  • Master Link for your chain (ask Bike Store Mechanic chain specific) 


  • Spare Hanger for your derailleur 


  • Cell Phone


  • Padded Bike Shorts

Remember, if you need assistance acquiring the above, let us know!