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More Kids On Bikes 
Our Mission

MORE KIDS ON BIKES 501 (c)(3)  is a non-profit organization whose mission is to get more kids on bikes. Our primary focus is in support of youth mountain biking.
We believe that mountain biking is an exciting lifetime activity that not only offers an opportunity for physical exercise, but also supports mental health & emotional well-being.
One way we deliver on our mission is to engage with all socio-economic levels of families in the Phoenixville, PA community and offer resources to the student-athletes participating in the local youth mountain bike team. This allows kids to be part of the mountain bike team who may not otherwise have access to ride due to the steep and annual rising costs of the sport.
Mountain biking helps build self-confidence, teaches perseverance, and develops and nurtures the value of personal goal-setting, strengthens leadership skills, and highlights the importance of understanding team building dynamics. Youth mountain bike programs also focus on proper shared trail riding etiquette, education on natural resource stewardship, and community service work like trail maintenance and bike rider safety activism. We strive to be a space for all with an emphasis on equity, equality, safety, access and community.

Ways M.K.O.B. Is Making A Difference:


Mountain Bikes Lease Program

MKOB have acquired new and lightly-used mountain bikes in great working order to lease to families for a low, or free-of cost donation for the duration of the NICA/PICL MTB Season. 
High costs associated with the sport of mountain biking can be an obstacle to participating in the sport. M.K.O.B. have a fleet of bikes in different sizes to lend to Students-Athletes of the Phoenixville Inferno Youth MTB Team to ride for the season! 
In addition to providing access to mountain bikes, M.K.O.B. was able to provide safety equipment to student-athletes, bike equipment like lights and helmets, with covered costs associated with bike repair and and covering the full cost for necessary bike tune-ups.


Company Sponsorships 

Companies who sponsor the Phoenixville "Inferno" are highlighted on our Race Jerseys, Team Tent, Website and Social Media Platforms!
Their donations are used to purchase team jerseys (mandatory for racing) which can be provided free-of-charge to families who request Financial Assistance. 
Between Registration Fees, Equipment like Bikes and Helmets, Hydration Packs and Tools, the coasts add up. Our sponsors how blaze the way for kids to have access to this AWESOME Team Sport!




Phoenixville Borough has been incredibly supportive of the Phoenixville Inferno Youth Mountain Bike Team. That's why we pan to help the PVX Borough develop their vision for the Reservoir Mountain Bike Skills Park! 
M.K.O.B. believes in getting more kids on bikes for a plethora of reasons... That's why we are excited to help make this future Skills Park a Reality!
M.K.O.B. is looking forward to creating fundraising initiatives that will help sponsor the new Skills Park. Plans are still in the works and we will have more information as information comes to us. Visit to learn more!


Trail Maintenance 

Trail Work

"The Trails Aren't Going To Trim Themselves"
M.K.O.B. believes in taking care of the trails that take care of us. We volunteer where the trails need us most. Trimming, raking, and picking up trash and broken glass, We love our trails and caring for them is a heartfelt priority.
in 2021, M.K.O.B. and PXV MTB volunteered
352 Hours on local trails.
Contact Us to learn How You Can Help!

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