PXV MTB Season At A Glance

 "PICL" Season (pronounced: "pickle" ) Stands for *Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League.
"NICA" National Interscholastic Cycling Association 

"PXV MTB" Phoenixville "Inferno" Youth Mountain Bike Team

two times a week:
Twice during the work week, alternating on a Monday and Wednesday schedule, with a Tuesday and Thursday schedule, from 5:30- 7:30 p.
Once on a  weekend for about 3 hours in alternating parks like Marsh Creek and Green Lane, Trexler etc. 
We are considered a "Traveling Team"

Our "Home Practice Field" is located at Reservoir Park in Phoenixville. We spend a few weeks learning and mastering skills. Parents will drop and pick up kids from here.
We will switch drop-off and pickup to include Betzwood Park- Montgomery Counrt side of Valley Forge Park. off of Trooper Road. 

Weekend Practice: We will meet at a variety of state and local parks to practice throughout the season, specifically on the weekends. While our weekday practices will evolve into including the Betzwood Park near the Schuylkill River, ***Plan on weekend rides at places like Marsh Creek, Brandywine Park, Middle Run/White Clay, Evansburg, Trexler Nature Preserve, Fair Hill, Nockamixon and Green Lane.

Student-Athletes will be divided into several groups within the team based on experience, skill level, speed, and endurance. Each group is led by a seasoned Level 3 Coach and accompanied by Level 2 and Level 1 Coaches. The student to Coach ratio is no more than 8-2.  

BEGINNING OF THE SEASON Once you are registered on the team, you will be invited to join TeamSnap. Please plan on downloading the TEAM SNAP App. That becomes our communication point for all rides. RSVP is required for each.
The First Two Weeks of PXV MTB Practice: 
Weekday Practices
Coaches will welcome brand-new MTB riders for a full week of daily practices at Reservoir Park from 5:30-7:30 Monday through Thursday (Dates TBD Mid-July). We start with the basics. We teach bike safety, technical maneuvering, skill-building, bike maintenance, proper trail etiquette while building confidence and endurance.
We practice on grass fields, single-track, gravel paths, we will also use the SRT (Schuylkill River Trail) for warm-ups and distance conditioning.

Our "Returning Riders" will join new riders at practice the following week: Monday through Thursday 5:30 - 7:30.
Starting the third week of practice: the schedule will go on rotation like this: 
Week 3: Mon & Wed  5:30-7:30 

Week 4: Tues. & Thurs.  5:30-7:30
Week 5: Mon & Wed 5:30 - 7:30 
and so on..

We do this because we know many families have a busy schedule. We rotate practices to allow student-athletes the ability to participate in not only our sport, but other activities for which they may be involved. *However, we do recommend our athletes practice when they can... especially so they can keep up and stay safe on those "Weekend Long Rides"!

Weekend Practices (The Long Ride)
A Saturday or a Sunday practice schedule will be posted  as we approach the season
9:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. These are the  "Weekend Long Rides". (at Brandywine, Marsh Creek, Brandywine, Fair Hill, White Clay etc.)

Please Note: Our weekend practices are held at known MTB trails.
Our student-athletes gain important skills and endurance by attending practices during the week.

*Weekday practices are important.  
Weekend rides are longer rides, over moderately technical trails on our weekend practices.

Weekday Practices are important in preparing our youth riders for a safe and enjoyable Weekend Ride
-There are over 60 PICL Teams across Pennsylvania. All PA teams practice throughout the Summer and Fall!
*Typically there are at least FIVE state-wide races held on weekends between September and October: Gettysburg, Johnstown, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Blue Mountain, and Fair Hill, MD.  *Your child can choose to race one, none, some, or all.
-Racing is NOT mandatory. But if your child plans to race, then practices need to be attended
-Races are broken down by grade and by gender.
-Racing in your team's jersey is required. Racing Kit (Kits: Race Jerseys, racing shorts/Bibs/ Coats, etc...) Orders will be placed at the beginning of the season. Prices range based on style and quantity of race gear ordered. However, a Team Jersey is required to be worn at a race (approx. $50.00 each. The team has several extra jerseys to be lent out if needed.)

-There is a NICA/PICL Registration Fee due at the time you register your child for the League. $225.00
-If your child plans to race, you can pay $45.00 or  the Race Bundle (6 Races) for $100.00 in August.
-Financial Aid Available for Registration Fees AND/or Race Fees. Click Here for more information.)
*Scholarships and Financial Aid is available.

-Phoenixville Inferno Team Dues are $125.00 for the season by the end of July.
***Email the Team Director for additional information: pxvmtb@gmail.com. ).

-The Phoenixville Inferno Team Enrollment will END by the second week of July. 
* Student-Athletes with MTB experience may be considered after the Enrollment closes. Determined by the Team Director and Lead Coaches after a Skills Test.
* Financial Aid through NICA/PICL is available. https://www.pamtb.org/financial-aid
***Student-Scholarships through PXV MTB are also available- Please email pxvmtb@gmail.com

For Discounts Visit 
A Front-Suspension Mountain Bike in Good Working Order. (Bike Checks will be held at beginning of the season)
26", 27.5" or - 29" Tires at least 1.5" wide. See NICA RULE BOOK for all Details:
Click Here
Water Hydration Pack 
Nutrition/Snack (Fuel)

Closed-Toe Shoes
Personal Emergency Medical Supplies as needed (EPI-Pen, Insulin, Inhaler, etc.)

Additional Water Bottle Cage and Water Bottle
Padded Bike Shorts
Bug/Tick Repellent 
Additional Nutrition/Snack (*Fuel)

Bike Gloves Full or Half Finger
Protective Eye-Wear
Spare Tube

Air Pump or CO2 Cartridge

Please consider visiting our TEAM SPONSORS for equipment and gear purchases:
TWISTED COG in Phoenixville.
An Updated Team Roster will be provided to the bike shops.
Some discounts may apply.

Once you are a REGISTERED Student-Athlete with NICA, you are qualified to receive Special Discounts from Bike Makers and Equipment and gear providers! Proof of registration will be required to receive discounts. 
~Click this link for more information: https://www.nationalmtb.org/benefits/

We at PXV MTB know that the sport of mountain biking can be costly.
That's why we have developed a program that helps student-athletes gain access to bikes and equipment that may otherwise be out of reach:

-The Phoenixville Inferno MTB Team has a modest fleet of Mountain Bikes available to lease for the season.
-Families interested in the Bike Lease option should contact Team Director at their earliest opportunity.
This is a First-Come, First-Serve opportunity.
*Bikes are limited.
Student-Athletes are encouraged to attend the scheduled Bike Check session, for proper bike fit and bike assignment. Date TBD - Subscribe to stay in the know.

-Season Bike Rental
Season Bike Rental is $75.00  

However, a $200.00 deposit is due at the first practice. 
$125.00 Reimbursed upon return of the bike on the last day of practice.
Bikes are limited. 
No Longer Available:  Size Smalls 

Bikes should be returned, in the same condition as was originally leased, inspected by the coach, no later than the final practice of the season. (End of October).
-The Student-Athlete's family is responsible for the bike's transportation to and from practices and events. 
-Student-Athlete and their family will be responsible for taking care of the PXV MTB property: including repairs.
-IMPORTANT: Contracts will be signed by the parent or legal guardians of the student-athlete who choose to lease a PXV MTB Bike, and are financially responsible for the bike repairs, Damaged, Lost, Stolen or Missing Bikes. 
-Please contact the Team Director at pxvmtb@gmail.com to inquire about MTB Rentals.
(First come, first served)